The blues

The end of a period of time spent travelling means certain adjustments to the rhythm of your life must be made, alterations that tend to come in time to a dance of self-pity most commonly dubbed the blues.

Quite often, it is a time of self-indulgence and sadness during which one’s latest adventures starkly contrast one’s reality.

Post-holiday blues. The stuff that ‘Throwback Thursdays’ on Instagram are made of, am I right?

Incidentally, why does the colour blue have to have such negative connotations?

Not only was it the naming factor in not just a genre but a movement in music but it is also a key feature in the Eiffel 65 song that touched the hearts of thousands.

Da ba dee da ba die.

Today is Monday and the work I should be tackling seems like a mountain to climb… I look out the window instead. It’s raining and the sky is covered by a dense layer of cloud meaning that, ironically enough, the only blue present are the feelings that live inside me.

Cue late 90s dance party music.


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