Paws for Inspiration

As I was strolling through the Altstadt one day, I happened across this vision of independence before me.

Taking The Lead
Taking The Lead

I waited to see the owner following behind but none materialised….

Leading Lab
Taking yourself for a walk; because others may try to walk all over you, am I right?

… I took some photos and decided to make this dog my inspiration.

There's no leading him astray though.
There’s no leading him astray though.

A reminder that when it feels as if your world is spiralling out of control, it is still within your power to take the lead (geddit?). Your journey (or walkies) is yours to make.


2 thoughts on “Paws for Inspiration

  1. Not truly independent because he still bears the lead: if you re to derive inspiration from this, you must first realise the need to throw off the yoke of oppression ……..


    1. You make a fair point but I thought the lead was a satisfying metaphor for him being his own master. With no lead he might have just been a stray, or lost but with the lead he was clearly on a mission and that mission was walkies 😉


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